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CabinCon break

We just completed our annual CabinCon, a four day festival of gaming in a cabin in the Pennsylvania mountains, this year by Raystown Lake.  It was a great chance to get some R&R, play some great games and enjoy the winter weather. Pat, Adam, Denny and I were joined by 10 others, many of whom you’ll meet over the next weeks and months.

We’ll be digging in to Dungeon Lords next week with Adam walking us through this game!


Dungeon Lords


Roll of the Dice Project!

Welcome to Roll of the Dice Project! This is a grand adventure, or perhaps leisurely stroll, through my board game collection. I have 309 (or so) unopened boardgames in my basement and they have sat unplayed for too long.

I did not get them to collect, I did not get them to hoard. I got them to play. So we are going to fix that!

We’ll have lots of friends stop by to help unbox games, read rules, and give them a play or two.

A special mention to one of our regular partners: Variant Edition! Denny is going to help me as we make our way through this collection.