Favorites of Gen Con 2016

I promised to share some of my favorite things from Gen Con 2016. Let’s jump right in!

  • Concert Against Humanity – I’ve played some Cards Against Humanity, and in fact, even took part in some of their playtesting at Gen Con. On a whim (which in this case technically means ‘in response to a compelling email from Gen Con) I decided to give the Concert Against Humanity a try. Phwadamn. It was amazing. Hours of music and comedy, a fun loot bag, and just a spectacular evening out. Jonathan Coulton, Paul & Storm, Patrick Rothfuss, Molly Lewis, Aparna Nancherla, and more performed. I would rate this as “Must Do” for me during¬†future Gen Con visits.
  • BGG Hot Games Room – This was an oasis of joy and fun inside a larger oasis of joy, fun, and crowds. The deal here was that, for two hours per tickets, lots of publishers donated games with lots of buzz and you could show up here and play them. BGG did a great job of limited people in the room (so ideally you should reserve your spot through the event system) so you had table and chair space. Games were first come, first served, so you may not get the tippy top one on your list right away, but you could surely find something of interest. It was cool, quiet, and a great way to game in a more low-key environment and try out great new games. Some publishers even had staff or demo crews on hand to help out, but in most cases you were on your own to learn to play the game. Another “Must Do” for me, I’d likely schedule time here every afternoon.
  • Wyrmwood Gaming – I had seen Wyrmwood Gaming items featured in a number of Kickstarters recently and was very interested in some of their dice boxes. They looked beautiful, but I didn’t want to pull the trigger. They were too pricey for me to buy sight unseen. They had a large booth loaded with their items at the show, and it was wonderful to get hands on their items. They look better and are of higher quality than I could have imagined. Truly breathtaking items that should be seen and handled to be believed.
  • Codenames: Pictures and Czech Games Edition – Codenames: Pictures is a wonderful continuation of the excellent Codenames game. Our crew was pleasantly surprised by how different the game was with the pictures. The art is outstanding and hilarious and I would probably buy t-shirts with card art on them. Stegaroo! The pictures are interestingly complicated and I spent a lot of time wondering how so many details were crammed in to the simple, crisp drawings. I should also mention the amazing Broken Token Codenames organizer that lets you neatly fit both Codenames and Pictures in one of the original boxes.

    Codenames: Pictures
  • Deadfall/Pairs – I have been a big fan of Cheapass Games for years, and a fan of Pairs since it came out. Deadfall is another great variant on the Pairs game which incorporates a strong Liar’s Dice style of play with betting to the Pairs world. It is a beautiful deck as well, but the true magic is you can play it with your favorite Pairs deck.


There were many more things that drew my eye and were great fun to play, but these were the items that left the biggest impression on me. What did you see or hear about that caught your eye?

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