Gen Con Gaffes

I had a pretty great time at Gen Con 2016 as my previous post attests. However, it was not all sunshine and roses. Honestly, it pretty much was all sunshine and roses, but for my next trip, I will make some changes.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Shop less. My main takeaway here is that I spent some chunk of time in lines for stuff that I could easily have gotten later at the show or often within a month or two of the show ending. I have some completionist urges that covet exclusives and promo items, but that is an unhealthy part of my hobby that I don’t like to encourage in me. This is also heavily driven by my experience on Friday morning waiting to get in to the show. What started out as a nice, small, friendly crew of patient gamers got ugly as opening time neared. I was appalled and disgusted at the language, rudeness, and lack of manners demonstrated by my fellow attendees for a few short minutes right before and during the doors opening Friday morning. It’s cardboard people, settle down. For my own enjoyment, I’ll do a better job of removing myself from that situation.
  2. Don’t wait in the Will Call line, especially Wednesday night. I did not have anything to get at Will Call, but my four traveling companions did. Obviously I chose to hang out with them in the line, but it was pretty close to two hours (maybe more now that I reflect back) and it was pretty much unnecessary if folks had set up for anything other than Will Call. Also, the Will Call line was a fraction of the length Thursday morning and by lunch on Thursday looked to be pretty much gone. Also, friends don’t let friends Will Call.
  3. BoardGameGeek Hotness Room is rad! I will sign up for this more, and sign up in advance. It was a great way to try stuff out, and they had a spectacular selection of games.
  4. Stay over Sunday night. I get anxious about travel. I just do. So come Sunday, I kept watching the clock and thinking about leaving, and ended up being somewhat stressed and anxious to get on the road. I had already taken Monday off of work, so we really should have just stayed over Sunday night and enjoyed a fourth full day of Gen Con.

Did you go to Gen Con? Have you in the past? What would you do differently?

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